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Facebook: Privacy settings in detail and how to delete our account forever

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The security of our Facebook account is paramount, and the privacy of our posts is just as important.

In the Facebook platform, now under the name Meta, there have often been problems inherent in privacy and security, which therefore requires us to intervene. The first thing is to secure our account, following the article suggested below.

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Before we see how to delete the account we see what we need to check in the privacy settings. 

Privacy settings: What to check

The settings dedicated to choosing who sees what have been improved significantly in recent years, giving the ability to scale by levels and change the settings even a single comment. 

To access these settings just go in the menu with the arrow pointing down that is in the top right next to the question point, from them choose Settings > Privacy. 

From here we can choose who sees our posts, who can ask us for friendship, if we want to index our account in the search engines and many other settings. 

APP settings: What to watch

Another item to consider and through carefully are those that are under the heading APP.  Many times in fact using applications, online platforms and much more we have the ability to log in with our Facebook account and it is from this rumor that we can manage the apps that have access to our account.

Opening the listed apps we can verify if we recognize all the listed apps and what data they access: for example some apps can also access the groups we manage on Facebook and much more.

We can decide whether to change the settings or completely remove the access permission to our account.  Obviously if we remove the application or Web platform we should register again to the service or log on again (at our discretion) with the Facebook account.

But if we want to permanently delete our account, how to do?  If today we try from the Facebook settings to delete our account we only have the entry disable your account: Doing this, we will have the consequences also on the same page: 

By disabling your account, your profile will be disabled and your name and image will be removed from most of the items you have shared on Facebook. Some information, such as your name in your friends ‘ lists and the messages you’ve sent, may continue to be visible to other people.

So our information, disabling the account, will still remain in the Facebook servers!

The question arises: how to permanently delete my account? 

To completely delete our account by deleting our data from the Facebook server we have to follow the instructions on this page: how do I delete my account permanently? From which we could access the page where we can completely delete our account. 

It is advisable, however, to download the archive of our data from the social network from settings > Privacy > Download a copy of your Facebook data.

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