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Here are the 7 best free alternatives to Spotify

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Spotify has blocked and is still blocking all pirated accounts or with premium versions not regularly purchased: This has triggered protests by many users, so we want to bring back some valid free alternatives to Spotify. 

The alternatives to know new music and new artists 

As we know, there are many new artists and, why not, new musical genres to be discovered: In this regard can help some apps that allow you to listen to music with Creative Commons license or free licenses. 

One of these is Jamendo


Jamendo uses two types of accounts: the free and the pro, dedicated to commercial purposes. The catalogue offered by the service is very large, but in this case it will be more difficult to find commercial hits, on the other hand it allows downloading for personal use of files and sharing them with other users. 

It also allows you to listen to the radio. Available for Android and IOS

The second app is Tubeats


Tubeats offers mixed content from both Youtube and Spotify playlists offering a truly huge catalog guaranteeing excellent listening quality. 

The service is only accessible to the official website. 

The third app is Soundcloud


One of the most famous services used by many artists to spread their works, which allows to find pieces of artists emerging from both famous artists. We will not find commercial hits or radio parts.

But it remains a great free alternative with a huge catalog. 

Available for Android and IOS

APP with music video included 


musicup 01

This service also offers the display of music videos as well as listening to songs, offering a mix of videos and playlists. 

Available for Android and IOS

Apps for off-line listening



Offered mainly through the official website, it also offers an Android application and, for now, does not have a very extensive catalog. It has a very appreciated feature, namely that of being able to download the songs off-line and to upload songs to increase the catalog. 

Available for Android and IOS

Song Recognition and text view APP



The functions of Soundhound are many, mainly offering the ability to recognize a song (like Shazam) and, as well as indicating its name and author, also to display the text while listening. 

The songs can be heard directly from the application or add them to a playlist in Apple Music or Spotify. Here is a video that shows how it works:

Available for Android and IOS

Other apps are not downloadable directly from the Play store because they violate the conditions of the store, being at the limit of legality. 

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