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How to open (or convert) .heic files in Windows 10

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We’ve seen how to fix the problem of importing photos/videos from iPhone, but how to do it when the photos are in .heic format? Let’s see how to open or convert them.

How to open them with the Windows Photos app

By default, the Photos app does not allow you to open files with .heic format, but you can download an additional plug-in through the Store to be able to open them natively with this app.

The heIC file plug-in
The heIC file plug-in

The plug-in can be reached from here. The download should also appear below the message that the same image is not opened.

How to convert HEIC files

You can use Copytrans Heic to convert these files, which when installed allows you to view thumbnails in Windows Explorer as well.

There are many other similar software, it is advisable to be careful with sites that offer online conversions, we recommend not to upload private photos to such sites, obviously for a matter of privacy and security.

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