How to clean (truly) history in Windows Defender

How to clean (truly) history in Windows Defender

There are many guides on the internet that indicate some procedures to delete the history of Windows Defender, many of them unfortunately do not work properly.

This is because for this type of operation (for now) you need to access the system externally, let's see how.

We use advanced recovery options

To start the advanced options, follow this video carefully:

From the advanced options, choose Start command prompt, and then type:

of the "C:-ProgramData-Microsoft-Windows Defender-Scans-History-Service-DetectionHistory""

of the "C:-ProgramData-Microsoft-Windows Defender-Scans-mpenginedb.db"

After each send command, these will delete the Windows Defender history, the folder access list checked, and all items that Defender saves chronologically.

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